The statement in the headline may seem brave enough. However, many known examples confirming it. There are people who quit their jobs, they started to travel and write about it on your blog, thereby earning money on new journeys. There are those who thus share with others their experience of raising a child, or the productivity secrets of style. There are many options. For all these people it can be said that the blog changed their lives. So what are the benefits of keeping it?

Something magical happens when your thoughts are taking shape for the text of the blog. Chaos disappears and remains a clear understanding of what you want to say.

Feeling that the brain too much garbage? Or are unsure about a particular situation? Blog – the perfect way to clear it. Do not focus on one topic of interest to all. After a while you realize that a lot of those actually have common elements, but the problem can be attributed to certain categories, and deal with them will be much easier.

I think it has nothing to positive change. But look at it another way: we often avoid this condition, especially in those moments when you need to defend your point of view or to take someone else’s.

When you feel vulnerable and thus are able to reflect reasonably, you get from any discussion much more. Ultimately, this allows you to get used to express their thoughts and not be afraid for the fact that most of them will not be in accordance.

If you are 100% sure of all things, then something is wrong. Succumb to doubt their beliefs, be prepared to take a different view.

Creative expression
Almost everyone needs a creative expression. It allows you to create something new, and so proud of themselves and to feel useful.

Blogging can be quite a variety of ways, using a number of tools in the form of supply of text, graphics, style.

Even programmers manage to submit your original material way. What sense does not hurt, but the main thing. The idea must be submitted interesting and creative, then you will read more and more people.

competence Development
In the company of friends or strangers we often express their point of view. Sometimes it is so out of date that is the irony of others. Indeed, if you are about something learned in his youth, it does not mean that nothing has changed. It’s time to read a few books on the topic, to explore research, ask the opinion of other people about it.

So whether you are sure that you understand the subject deeply, about which you write? Perhaps you have a lot of experience in this, but how long have you updated your knowledge, interested in scientific discoveries in this area?

Can you plenty to think about self-development, happiness and love, from personal experience, but the study materials on this topic from different sources will not hurt.

The development of productive habits
Blogging is developing:

The ability to motivate yourself;
In addition, you will have to learn the basics of time management if you want to blog regularly. And also write when you do not want to be one of the hallmarks of professionalism.

The development of relations with people whom you admire

This advantage is one of the key. Suppose you are a unique, intelligent and creative person. But until now, we could not surround themselves with the same people, continue to cook in the old company. It’s not bad, but new people are needed.

Developing as a person and showing it in a blog, you attract the same people. You earn reputation and respect, gain experience. Remember that every person visiting your blog, someone is working. It can be businessmen, doctors, lawyers, artists. Such a set of individuals and develops you. Meet with them and find out whether you can help each other.

Ability to communicate with people

To communicate in the life and the network – this is, of course, different things, but they are very similar. Do you have time to reflect on an article or reply, analyze information to find out the facts.

But communication laws are the same in every situation. Improve communication skills and look for approaches to different people.

Business creation

In order to start a business, you need a few months to engage in a blog. Therefore, it is important that you like it. Equally important is the regularity. And of course the value of information. When you get a certain number of readers, you can start to look for opportunities to earn money. Most popular – it is affiliate programs.

Living a deliberate life

If you have a blog, then there is a definite purpose. And most importantly – thinking about strategy. This means experimenting with a blog, to learn what’s inside the Internet and try to figure out what works and what does not.