Florida is prone area to natural disasters, especially hurricanes. It is crucial that you have proper emergency plans in place. Do you know what types of insurance you will need to provide the best coverage against hurricanes and the damages they cause?


Depending on where you live, you may be more vulnerable to damages caused by hurricanes. If you think are at risk for hurricanes be sure to look over your current policy carefully. If you are unsure about anything listed in your policy you can complete an internet in order to have a better understanding of your coverage.


You need to consider these key factors when it comes time to think about your homeowners insurance and hurricanes.


Hurricane damages caused by wind


As you may have already known, the wind is a peril that is covered by your standard Florida home insurance. It is important to understand that some policies will only partially or completely exclude wind-related damage. Be sure to read your home insurance policy carefully to determine if you are completely covered against the winds of a hurricane.


If your policy does not offer you coverage for wind damage, you may realize that it will include a completely separate hurricane deductible that is slightly higher than your normal deductible.  A hurricane deductible will apply towards damage sustained from a hurricane. Always remember your coverage is only good up to your limits.



What about hurricane damages caused by flooding?


Usually, your Florida home insurance policy will not cover you against flooding. This will also include flooding due to a hurricane.  You can, however, purchase a separate policy that will cover you against flooding.


If winds from a hurricane damages your roof, and rain comes in and damages your home, you may find out that some Florida home insurance will offer you some protection if your policy includes coverage against the wind.


Therefore if you have the right Florida home insurance policy, you can be protected from hurricane damages. However, the flooding damages that come along with a hurricane may not be protected and you should look into purchasing flood insurance. It’s easy to determine if your current policy will cover you. Simply talk to your agent or read closely through your policy.


Florida is well known for its yearly hurricanes. It is so important that you have a great Florida home insurance policy that will protect you from these disasters as best as possible.